Portfolio surpassed Rs.43 Crore || Twenty-seventh Branch of BJS at Saheberhat in Cooch behar district || Seventeen Financial Partners. || Nine Public Sector Banks as Financial Partners. || CoCA Grade “M4C2” || Rating Grade “MFI 3+”


BeghoriaJanakalyanSamity (BJS) is a non-government, non-profitable organization registered under West Bengal Societies Registration Act in the year 2006 with an initial focus on socio-economic development of the down trodden women. With time, BJS has adopted a holistic approach in order to tackle problems related to poverty and social issues at large particularly in rural areas.

BJS is currently involved in implementing Integrated Community Development Projects for the socio-economic development of the poor people. Present projects are as follows.

  1. Microfinance for empowerment and job creation.
  2. Non formal school program for brick kiln children.
  3. Skill development initiative for job creation.
  4. Improved health and hygiene via medical camps and awareness campaigns
  5. Environmental protection via sanitation, vermin-compost and awareness campaigns
  6. Knowledge development via financial literacy and awareness campaigns.

All of our activities are guided by the following principles:

  • Empowerment – BJS believes in empowering the individual in order to help herself, in taking decisions, and making changes.
  • Sustainability – The long-term social, economic, and environmental sustainability is the most important aspect when assessing new projects and when evaluating existing ones.
  • Strengthening of existing structures – BJS does not believe in building parallel structures, but rather in working in close cooperation with and strengthening systems and structures already set in place by government authorities and civil society.

BJS focuses specifically on that area where the need is the greatest for its services. Presently the activities of BJS is in North 24 Parganas, Jalpaiguri, Alipurduar,Coochbehar and Murshidabad districts. In every district, BJS has different branches. BJS likes to give more focus in North Bengal because that area is underserved. All activities are managed through its regional offices.

BJS was established as a microfinance institution in the year 2006 by Bishwajit Das, our current secretary and CEO. He has been in the sector for the last 20 years. Taking the matter in consideration the instrumental role of microfinance in poverty alleviation and its huge demand, the founder conceived the thought of promoting on entity reflect his vision and led to the birth of BJS. Some like-mined professionals come together to join in the concerned efforts towards poverty alleviation and women empowerment through microfinance.

BJS is currently involved in implementing an Integrated Community Development Project in which five interconnected and interdependent sectors are developed:

  1. Microfinance for empowerment and job creation
  2. Non formal school program for brick kiln children
  3. Skill development initiative for job creation
  4. Improved health and hygiene via medical camps and awareness campaigns
  5. Environmental protection via sanitation, vermin-compost and awareness campaigns
  6. Knowledge development via financial literacy and awareness campaigns

The essential features for target clients of BJS are as follows:

    The women
  • Who are in low-income group.
  • Who has no own capital.
  • Who has no access to banks.
  • Who are helpless and weak economically and socially.

BJS utilizes two different delivery methodologies for lending – Group model and Individual model to serve wide variety of needs and backgrounds of our clients.

Group Model

  • Maximum number of member in a group is 20.
  • From similar socio-economic status.
  • Live in the same neighbourhood.

Individual Model

  • Clients should have at least three years as group member and good credit history.
  • Clients should have specific income generating activities.

The clients of BJS are using their loans entirely for income-generating activities for getting more profit. They are meeting their family expenses especially educational expenses of their children from this profit. The life style of the family has been changed. As an earning member of the family, they are now able to have an overt influence on household decision making process.

Women worker throughout the world contribute to the economic growth and sustainable livelihood of their families and communities. BJS helps empowering women from poor households to make this contribution. BJS services lead to women’s empowerment by influencing women’s decision-making power and enhancing their overall socio-economic status.

Traditionally women have been disadvantaged in access to credit and other financial services. Targeting women borrowers make sense from a policy standpoint. The business case for focusing on women clients is substantial, as women clients register higher repayment rates. They also contribute larger portions of their income to household consumption than their male counterpart. Studies show that new incomes generated by women are often first invested in children’s education, particularly benefiting girls.

News Update

Our Achievements

As on 30thApril  2019
No. of Branches : 27
No. of Districts : 6
No. of Blocks : 48
Total Staff Strength : 147
No. of Frontline Staff : 92
No. of Active Groups : 2,232
No. of Active Members : 28,718
No. of Active Borrowers : 24,424
Cummulative Loan Disbursed (in Lakhs) : 34,683.53
Loan Portfolio (in Lakhs) : 4,073.37
Average Loan Size on outstanding : 16,678
On time Repayment Rate : 99.96%
Amt. of Loans Outstanding per Credit Officer : 44.28

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