Portfolio surpassed Rs.43 Crore || Twenty-seventh Branch of BJS at Saheberhat in Cooch behar district || Seventeen Financial Partners. || Nine Public Sector Banks as Financial Partners. || CoCA Grade “M4C2” || Rating Grade “MFI 3+”

Networking Partners


BRAC is the largest non-governmental development organization in the world, measured by the number of employees and the number of people it has helped. Starting its journey in 1972 in the newly sovereign Bangladesh, BRAC has covered many other countries with a work force of 115,000 people and the population covered with its service is 138 Million. Over the course of their evolution, they have been playing a role of recognizing and tackling the many different realities of poverty. BJS got BRAC as its networking partner since the commencement of BJS operation in 2006. BJS is very much proud of having BRAC as its networking partner.


ACCESS Development Services became a networking partner of BJS since 2009. BJS participates in different programs of ACCESS actively and get technical supports that helped BJS to implement sustainable projects for the livelihood promotion of the poor to combat poverty. ACCESS Development Services is a national level livelihoods promotion organization with a focus on incubating innovations and sustainable models for the livelihoods promotion of the poor. In addition, ACCESS also undertakes national initiatives to inform and influence policy and strengthen the enabling environment. BJS is very happy to have Access as its networking partner.


BJS is the active member of AMFI-WB from the beginning. AMFIWB stands for Association of Micro Finance Institutions – West Bengal. Association of Micro finance Institutions - West Bengal (AMFI - WB) is an institution which serves the cause of promotion and development of micro finance in the State with a membership of 28 Micro Finance Institutions. AMFI – WB is currently catering to around 40 lakh poor women by providing them financial services, especially micro credit through approximately 13,000 employees who hail from lower economic background, AMFI–WB upholds the cause of micro finance through organizing Interactive Sessions, Seminars, and Workshops for the employees of MFIs to ensure client protection, for the stakeholders including bankers, politicians and even for borrowers in order to have effective and smooth functioning of micro finance activities with enough fund flow and so on. BJS is a member of Board of Trustee during this reporting period and selected by the members of AMFI-WB. BJS participated most of the important meeting of AMFI-WB and shared its critical views of development of Association of Micro Finance.


Mix Market is an organization working for strengthening the Microfinance Sector with an objective to accumulate Data of the sector and analyze the same for the use of the other members playing in the sector. Financial & Social Performance Data from 2000 + MFIs world wide are submitted to Mix Market. The data is validated and synchronized by Mix. All the member organizations have instant access to Current Data, Analytical Tools & Market Intelligence for their use. BJS is an active member of Mix Market for more than two years.


Microfinance has been acknowledged as an effective tool for rural upliftment and development the world over. Several MFI (Microfinanace Institution) models, primarily promoted by Non-Government Organisations (NGOs), have been working independently for a long time in India too. Yet, there has been a long-felt need to form a specialized network of Community Development Finance Institutions (CDFIs) that could take forward the collective requirements of these organizations: dialoguing with policy makers, capacity building, and identification and development of minimum standards of performance in a participatory manner, so that the challenge of professionally creating a large number of sustainable livelihoods is made possible. Sa-Dhan was designed and developed as such a platform. Sa-Dhan’s mission is to build the field of community development finance in India to help its member and associate institutions to better serve low-income households, particularly women, in both rural and urban India, in their quest for establishing stable livelihoods and improving quality of life. BJS became an active member of Sa-Dhan since 2008.


News Update

Our Achievements

As on 30thApril  2019
No. of Branches : 27
No. of Districts : 6
No. of Blocks : 48
Total Staff Strength : 147
No. of Frontline Staff : 92
No. of Active Groups : 2,232
No. of Active Members : 28,718
No. of Active Borrowers : 24,424
Cummulative Loan Disbursed (in Lakhs) : 34,683.53
Loan Portfolio (in Lakhs) : 4,073.37
Average Loan Size on outstanding : 16,678
On time Repayment Rate : 99.96%
Amt. of Loans Outstanding per Credit Officer : 44.28

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