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Female farmer harvesting rice

An organisation for poverty alleviation and women empowerment

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                    has started its operation with the mission of holistic development towards the weaker section, especially for women. BJS uses Microfinance as a tool for poverty alleviation and the empowerment of women of the poorest section of the society. Its mandate is to support the poor community, especially women to support them in attaining their self-sufficiency and economic empowerment. In order to do this BJS has adopted a methodology of developing Groups with target women in both rural and urban areas. BJS then disburse loans among these members on a small scale for developing their respective income-generating activities.

Apart from the poverty alleviation program, BJS is currently involved in implementing some important development programs under the social development program. All these programs are inter-related with its core program of microfinance because BJS feels from its experience that only economic development is not the key to uplift the conditions of our target group of people, but they should be empowered with other social arenas too. Therefore, BJS has started the following social activities and running all those projects successfully.

Development Activities

  1. Nonformal school program for children through BJS Shiksaniketan

  2. Uplifting the condition of Ultra poor through Targeting Hardcore Poor

  3. For smart financial management BJS School of Financial Literacy

  4. Environmental protection via  Water & Sanitation, Green Energy

  5. Improve health and hygiene through Medical Camps and Awareness Campaigns

It is our dream that one-day poverty will be eliminated fully from every part of India and all people will lead a happy life. We strongly believe and hope that this dream will come true.






As of 30th June 2024











08 Cr.


News Update

BJS distributed soaps to 25,000 SHG members

 BJS distributed one pair of soap to each members of its SHG groups.

BJS Contributed Rs.50,000.00 in Emergency Relief 

the 16th of May, 2020 to help and assist the government effort (a very little span) in prevention 

14th Foundation Day of BJS on 13th March 2020

BJS has been celebrating its Foundation Day every yearon March 13 to

Moments of BJS

I am no bird; and no net ensnares me; I am a free
human being with an independent will.

 Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre

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