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Case Studies


Putulia Halder

Loan Use: To purchase more goat kids for her animal selling business.

Putuli is 32-year-old rural woman married to Balaram. She resides at Arshulla village in Baduria with her husband and two sons. Putuli received very limited education up to class 7 only due to her family's financial issues. She is motivated to provide education to her sons who are in class 6 & 7 and so she works tirelessly on her micro business.

She deals in the business of selling goats. She buys goat kids at low prices, brings them up and then sells them for meat in the market at higher prices. She does household activities and takes care of her goat kids by feeding them at home. She contributes her income to the family fund. Her husband also assists her in selling and maintaining these goats which have a lot of demand in her area during the local festive and wedding seasons. Currently she is not able to meet the demand. So, she wants to take out a loan of Rs. 15,000 from BJS (Milaap’s partner).


With this loan money she will purchase some goat kids to sell more and seize the opportunity during this peak demand period. She hopes that she can ensure the financial stability for her family’s wellbeing and see her children become educated and independent. She is thankful to BJS and Milaap.


Rakhi Mondal

Loan use: To pay for purchasing raw materials to repair their present toilet.

Rakhi is a 24-year-old lady, lives with her husband and a 6 years old son who attends school. She lives in Basirhat, West Bengal. Rakhi works as a domestic cook in her local area and her husband is a driver by profession.


Rakhi and her family are presently using a toilet which is in a very unhygienic condition because it does not have any septic tank and no proper sewage system. At the same time the toilet doesn’t have any plastered walls. This temporary arrangement would not hold well in future because the walls are on the verge of collapsing. But she does not have sufficient money to renovate the toilet after meeting the household needs with their insufficient income. This is why Rakhi is asking for a loan of Rs. 10000 from Milaap’s partner BJS to repair her toilet.


With the loan money she will buy construction materials for plastering the toilet walls and make it concrete. She will also repair the sewage system for her family’s proper hygiene and health. She is thankful toward her lenders.


Rekha Hazra

Loan use: To bear the repairing costs of the toilet.

41-year-old Rekha lives in Munsefpara village at Basirhat, West Bengal. She lives there with her husband and their one son and one daughter who are students.


Her husband works in a small company whose income is barely enough to bear the household costs. Being a housewife Rekha is involved with a clothing business, mainly sari to help her family financially. But their income does not cover the household and educational expenses of their children. As a result, Rekha is unable to repair her toilet and her family are facing the discomfort each day because it has no fixed roof and door; a curtain like sheet is used to cover the door. The walls are not plastered and they are on the verge of collapse. Due to lack of capital Rekha is seeked a loan of Rs. 12000 from BJS, Milaap’s partner.


With the loan amount she will buy construction materials to plaster the inner and outer walls of her toilet, fix a permanent door and make a concrete roof in her toilet. She hopes this will enable her to make her toilet healthy, hygienic and safety.Rekha thanks her generous lenders.


Madhuchhanda Dey

Loan Use: To afford her graduation level education cost.

21 years old Madhuchhanda is an average student of B.A. (Bachelor in Arts) 3rd year in Basirhat College. She lives with her parents and a younger brother in Basirhat town. Her brother is in class 10, will appear for Board exam next year. She is an average student but tries her level best to score better marks. So far, she had studied by herself but now she needs the help of private tuition to complete her graduation.


Her mother Kalpana is engaged in sewing works at home to supplement the family income. Her father runs a fast-food stall in his local area. Her parents want their children should lead a decent life with good education in the future. Together their income is barely sufficient to manage the family properly. Sometimes they have to face hardship to pay school and college fees on time for their children. Due to the family economic adversity Madhuchhanda could not afford adequate study materials and enroll herself in good coaching class which she needs badly. So, for providing uninterrupted education to Madhuchhanda, Kalpana is requesting a loan of Rs. 14,000 from BJS (Milaap’s partner).


Madhuchhanda will pay her college fees, purchase adequate study materials and enroll her in a private coaching class with the help of this loan. She hopes it will take her a step closer to her ambition to be a school teacher. Mabhuchhanda and her mother Kalpana (as in the picture) are highly grateful to BJS and Milaap.

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